Tuesday, 7 September 2010

1st Up - Stormraven

This is my take on the Stormraven. There are many conversions out there and I wanted to do something a little different.  Mine doesn't really follow the Blood Angels Codex description of a mini Thunderhawk but I think it stays well within the generic space marine 'look' of compact and robust.

I knew when I started that I wanted the cockpit to be asymmetric and that lent itself so well to positioning the Bloodstrike missiles to the side in front of the fuselage. I also knew that I wanted to add a magnetised dreadnought in the carrying position and I think this worked quite well.

The majority of the model comes from the Valkyrie kit but I've also added some parts from the Manticore kit as well as a few bits from my bits boxes.

Apologies in advance for the photography. Hopefully future stuff will get some better pics as it's WIP and I'll add some better pics of the Stormraven as it get closer to completion.

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